The Patient Journey

What to expect when booking your appointment

When you are considering a specialist appointment, the process may vary depending on the findings, but generally the following steps apply.

GP / Specialist / Self Referral

You will be able to discuss your referral to us with your GP or Specialist . You can now book your appointment. You may wish to make a self referral. If you have health insurance, you are advised to check their process and seek preauthorisation. You will be asked for these insurance details prior to/at your first consultation.

Outpatient Consultation

In the initial outpatient consultation we will take a detailed history, perform a thorough examination, review the referral details, offer a working hypothesis and recommend the way forward. This may involve diagnostic tests. The type of tests may include some or all of the following:

Lab blood tests, lung function tests, peak flow monitoring, chest x ray, ct scan, other scans (if indicated), allergy blood/skin tests, sleep studies, bronchoscopy. Some of these can be done on the day of your consultation. Others will be arranged thereafter. You may need to contact your health insurer for authorisation of some tests in advance of them.

Health Questionnaire

If you require further treatment, you may be given or sent a Health Questionnaire prior to your appointment date, to complete and return.


As far as possible, the investigations will be done at the hospital where you are seen. We will aim to perform these as expeditiously as possible. However, some of these may be available more quickly at one of the other local network hospitals, which you will be offered. Sleep studies, if necessary, may be performed as an outpatient or as an inpatient. This will be discussed.

Follow-up appointment arrangements (if required)

It is usual to have a follow up appointment after your investigations. It may be that more than 1 set of tests is required, resulting in further follow up appointments. You will be advised of these decides that you require a follow-up appointment, you will either be given your next appointment during your stay, or it will be sent to you via post. If you have any concerns about your progress before this appointment, do not hesitate to call and ask for advice.


You will be sent a report of the consultation, findings and diagnosis. This will also be sent to your referring GP or Specialist. Copies of the investigations, including a CD of any imaging studies are available to you on request.

We will do everything we can to answer your queries and book you a prompt appointment. Do not hesitate to ask at any stage of the process.

For Enquiries


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